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DOM Blast : Patch Notes 1.007b

Thu 24 Jul - 18:18:50 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.007b

  • Added the ability to customize the color of your Ship and Shield. You can access this feature by "Customize" on the menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the instructions, controls, or item, menus could still be visible after resuming the game with the "P" Key.
  • Enemy elements now have a chance to drop a pickup when killed.

  • Weapons
  • You can change the selected Photon weapon …

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DOM Blast: : Patch Notes 1.006b

Thu 17 Jul - 15:45:20 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.006b

  • New tiers have been added to the Red Elements. The higher the tier, the more hits it will take to destroy the enemy. See instructions for more info on enemy tiers.
  • Evasion can now be triggered at 75 Energy or higher. This will allow you to fire then evade, or vise versa.
  • Evasion Bashes now reward an extra 5 points for a total of 15.

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DOM Blast : Patch Notes 1.005b

Mon 7 Jul - 10:46:47 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.005b

  • Time played is now displayed in the Game Over statistics
  • Fixed the display of texts in rounded pickups so it comes to the center. (IE was not centered)
  • Fixed a bug which could spawn too many enemies if the player fired a Photon during intermission and killed an enemy with that very Photon
  • Ability to fire Photons during intermission restored, fire to your hearts content!

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DOM Blast : Patch Notes 1.004b

Sat 5 Jul - 19:36:51 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.004b

  • Kills made using the Shieldwave are now recorded and displayed in the Game Over statistics
  • Evasions used to bash into Red Elements now grant 10 points for being risky!
  • Evasion statistics are now present on the Game Over screen
  • The overall Evasion is now more fluid, you don't simply teleport 50 pixels from where you were. This also makes scoring more accurate!
  • With changes to …

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DOM Blast : Patch Notes 1.003b

Fri 4 Jul - 19:13:19 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.003b

  • In an attempt to mitigate lag on PlayStation browsers, rounded corners have been removed. This seems to have been a source of visual lag which would cause the player to experience input lag. I will continue to investigate the stability.
  • Added a bar to the bottom left corner to show total energy, this will be called an "Energy Bar". The energy bar will be used for certain …

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DOM Blast : Patch Notes 1.002b

Tue 1 Jul - 3:36:33 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.002b

  • Added information under Movement in Controls. (It wasn't explicit)
  • Added support for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. By using a DS3 or DS4 controller, press down on the arrows buttons and release to fire.
  • Added the ability to share your Score at the game over screen. The shared score is posted directly to the forum for all to see. Guests can share too, but are displayed as …

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DOM Blast : Patch Notes 1.001b

Tue 1 Jul - 0:27:17 by Ange Tuteur

Version 1.001b

  • Added Patch Notes to main menu
  • Added more information to "About"
  • Fixed the global scope of variables to prevent cheating

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